Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Break Free From The Drinking Shame Diet Cycle...

(without having to commit to quitting booze forever )

Sober Curious Fitness Method™️ (5 Step BluePrint)

  • Identify Your Why

    Identify the triggers and patterns in your behavior that have trapped you in the drinking shame loop cycle.

  • Build An Unshakeable Foundation

    Walk into any challenging situation that triggers you emotionally, and instead of drinking away the anxiety or frustration, you make new loving decisions that support your mind and body.

  • Break Through Limiting Beliefs & Fears

    Identify and become aware limiting beliefs and fears may prevent you from having the positive changes you desire.

  • Forgiveness Of Drinking Shame

    Recognizing and expressing any emotions you've been holding. Acknowledge your pain and grief over your past choices and allow yourself to feel them deeply without judgment.

  • Step Into Your New Empowered Self & Create Healthy Boundaries

    Say no to unsupportive people, create healthy relationships, more money in the bank, a better body, and wake up on Sunday mornings feeling proud of yourself.

Give me a "girl, you get me" for every statement you relate to..

  • Do feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest and reaching your goals?

  • Are binge drinking and emotional eating affecting your bank account, relationships, physical health, mental health, and overall well-being?

  • You wish you weren't so sad or anxious, but you need wine to take off the edge but are sick of hangovers filled with shame about the night before?

  • Are you afraid to get started on your sober curious journey because you think you need to give up booze forever?

  • You keep getting sucked into the cycle of going out, spending hundreds of dollars on food and drinks, waking up feeling like shit and spending a whole Sunday stuck in the house, shameful and guilty for not getting to the gym and wasting the entire weekend?

To change your life a self help book won't cut it...

The Sober Curious Fitness Method provides proven results, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.

Proven Process

The Easiest way to get from A to Z in the shortest time is to be coached by someone who has done it. No more trying to "figure it out" and follow a practical step-by-step program for lasting results!

Lifestyle Program

Have a customized workout and nutrition plan that's simple to manage and sustain long-term without feeling deprived or limited!

Mental Reprogramming

Many programs focus on physique without addressing the underlying subconscious thoughts that rule our eating and drinking habits. It's important to remember that everyone is different. The Sober Curious Fitness Method evaluates your relationships with alcohol and food and how it affects reaching your goals.

Sober Curious Fitness Community & 1:1 Support

Isolation sucks! Have 24/7 chat and voice messaging support. Have a community of women who listen and "get it" - instead of trying to convince people who don't understand. Celebrate each other's wins and support each other along the way! Maybe even make a new friend!

About Kathryn

Hi guys, my name is Kathryn Sauser, Sober, Certified NLP + Fitness + Nutritionist Coach. WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete. First off, let me say you are not here by accident. You landed on my page because some part of you is unfulfilled with your current physical and mental health state.

Trust me, I know what it feels like to feel helpless, disappointed and confused on how to change my life. I remember feeling depressed and completely lost. The diets, the restrictions, the over-indulging, followed by guilt… leading me to restrict again, just to go off the deep end and binge on the weekends with drugs and alcohol.

It was a VICIOUS CYCLE. I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to break it. But I did! I am Completely DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE for over 2 years, got certified in fitness, NLP & nutrition. I have attended seminars by some of the top mental health coaches in the world.

Think of me as your personal trainer, nutritionist, life-coach and biggest supporter you’ve ever had all rolled into one. I’m here to teach you everything from your relationship with food, to your confidence in and outside of the gym, to tackling underlying issues like negative self-talk and body shaming - so you can experience loving yourself and feeling good about your body too!





The Sober Curious Fitness Blueprint is an Online Lifestyle Coaching app with over 50 modules with action worksheets, 1:1 coach support, a personalized workout plan, customized nutrition techniques, live coaching calls, and a community of strong women.


All the programs action is hosted on your personalized coaching app and consists of 1:1 Chat & Video messages, training videos, tools, live Q&A calls, and community. You are guided and supported inside the app with your 1:1 coach.


You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Anyone ready to explore their relationship with alcohol and emotional eating, one day at a time.


It starts the moment you enroll. You complete it in your own time and work through it at your own pace.


I am personally here to guide, motivate, support, and encourage you while holding you accountable and focusing on your goals. Any barrier or struggle that comes up, I am here to help you work through it and be by your side every step of the journey!


I created the Sober Curious Fitness Method because it is the exact Blueprint I used to carry myself out of depression and addiction into a life of complete sobriety and joy.

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