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Get the love you deserve this Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2021 2 min read

Get the love you deserve this Valentine’s Day!

Sweet chocolates, big bouquets of flowers, colorful balloons. It’s that time of the year again; the season when people are more aware of their relationship status. Lucky for those in love, most relationships use this day to add spark to their romantic life. However, this may seem like a dreaded day for those who are single as they tend to be more aware of being alone with all the cutesy love cloud floating above them.

How about you, queen? Got plans this weekend?  If you don’t, read on and get ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day..

Dress up like a queen

No date, no problem! You can still slay your outfit without minding if someone else would appreciate it. You must dress not to impress others but yourself. Sometimes, wearing something pretty and being dolled up is what you need for that little confidence boost not for anyone else, but to make yourself feel good. 

Eat what you love

Cheat day! Even just for a day, stop that calorie count and spoil yourself to that meal you deserve. Extra large cheeseburger with fries? You get that, girl! Who said that Valentine’s dates should only be in pairs? Or that you need to be with a special someone to eat sumptuous dinner today? You deserve all the wonderful things (and food) in the world and Valentine’s day shouldn’t make you feel otherwise.

Do something special for yourself

You don’t need someone else to feel special. You can make yourself feel like the queen you are. Whether that’s booking a massage service or soaking your beautiful body under bubbly bath bombs, use this day to make yourself feel more special. Not having a special someone is not an excuse not to feel extra today! Babe, you don’t need anyone else but yourself. 

Write a letter for yourself

Writing helps you release emotions and process your thoughts more clearly. Whether today makes you sad or empowered, grab your Pop Journal and a pen. Didn’t receive a letter from a special someone? Write a love letter for yourself! You can write about what you love about yourself and reflect on your positive attributes. Not only will this boost your morale, but it will also increase your self-awareness. Who knows? The future you who would probably read what you write today might need this.

Valentine’s day is not just about celebrating romantic relationships.

This season is about love. And yes, honey, that includes love for yourself.  Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful!

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