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Good habits we’re adding to our morning routine in 2021

March 07, 2021 2 min read

Good habits we’re adding to our morning routine in 2021

Hey queen! Sun rises up and greets you with its warmth, what’s the first thing you’ll do? Would you grab that cup of coffee to keep you pumped for the day? Would you put on your sports attire and jog around your friendly neighborhood? Or would you roll back in bed and hit snooze for a couple more minutes? 

You see, how you spend your mornings can define what your day is going to be like.  This is why it’s very important to get your ducks in a row first thing in the morning so that everything goes well for the rest of the day. 

Here are four good habits we’re adding to our morning routine which would surely make our mornings brighter. You should try it too!

Make the bed.

Stretch your body a little bit by tidying up your bed. See the difference between doing the first productive thing you can in the morning versus slacking off and putting off small tasks we actually need to do. Making your bed can give a positive feeling of accomplishing a task in the morning! This can set the mood and fuel your productivity for the whole day

Have a hearty breakfast.

They said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s because we get all our energy from what we eat in the morning! Taking the time to prepare a good meal and enjoying it afterwards boosts not only your health but your morale for the day as well. 

Sweat it out. 

Get moving, babe! Whether this is putting on those running shoes and going around the neighbor or grabbing your mat and doing some yoga over the subtle warmth of the sun, working out in the morning is beneficial for your physical and mental health as well. 

Journal every morning.

Most people are used to writing their thoughts at the end of the day. But with a cup of coffee or tea, morning is another perfect time to write on your Pop Journals. Journaling and listing things to do for the day sets the mood for productivity and accomplishment. This way, your tasks for the day would be more aligned with your goals. Get it, girl!

Sunrise is a symbol of new beginnings. Every morning is another chance to make your dream life possible. Set the mood by doing simple things such as being productive the first thing in the morning, fueling your body with the right food and energy, and making sure your actions are aligned with your goals can make wonders. You got this! One day at a time.

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