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It's Time To Unwind

June 13, 2021 2 min read

It's Time To Unwind

Our days are often jam-packed with so much! 

Work … taking care of others … some social life … trying to add in some self-care … the list goes on and on! 

Busy days often make it hard for us to unwind before bed. Our minds are all over the place. We are physically tired … but our brains often want to keep going. 

How do we unwind so we can get that deep sleep we NEED?!

Here are 5 PopTips to Unwind Before Bed: 

  1. UNPLUG ! Babe, your brain sees blue light all day every single day! Our whole lives are PLUGGED IN. From TVs, to our phones, to even our watches … we cannot seem to get away! This is why before bed, we need to power down. Turn off the TV… charge our phones and put them down … close the laptop. It’s time to unplug and allow our brains to relax. 
  2. TLC is KEY!It’s time to do something kind to YOU. It is TIME FOR SELF-CARE! You are never too busy to take a few minutes before bed to perform a self-love ritual for yourself. From a skincare face mask to a bath to a moment listening to your favorite song, take time for YOU. 
  3. Read!Reading can help you unwind and relax. You cannot focus on anything else other than the page you are on … and that is just what you need! Block out the noise of the day and dive deep into a book! Reading will help you enter a very calm state of mind, ready for sleep! 
  4. Move your body LOVINGLY. Stretch it out, babe! Release the tension of the long day and STRETCH! Getting out the knots and tightness will help your body relax and de-stress. 
  5. Lastly, our personal favorite - JOURNAL  AND REFLECT! Take a few minutes to journal! Check-in with yourself and celebrate the wins of your day! Pause and reflect! What did you learn from today? Journaling helps release the thoughts from running around your brain by getting them out on paper. Using your Pop Journal, you can journal and reflect every single night - with prompts ALREADY written for you so you can just sit and write! 

It’s time to unwind, babe! Happy sleeping! Xo

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