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Keep Yourself Accountable

August 08, 2021 2 min read

Keep Yourself Accountable

We all have goals! 

We all have things that set our souls on fire! 🔥

But … how do we make sure that we are going after them?! How do we make sure we are on track to get after those goals?! 

It’s important we keep OURSELVES in check ☝️ 

How do we do that?! We got you, Queen!!

Here are some hot tips to keep yourself accountable 💕

  1. Write your goals DOWN ✍️ ! It’s important to put your your to paper. Place your goals somewhere you can see them! Trying tucking your list into the bottom corner of your mirror or on your desk! 
  2. Create mini goals + tasks that will help lead you to your bigger goals! You have to work DAILY to be consistent in reaching your goals ✨ At the end of the day, go back and check to see which tasks you finished! 
  3. Set TIMELINES 💞 Set concrete dates that you want certain goals done by. This will force you to set time out for your goals. Use your calendar to designate time for your goals.
  4. Find a person that will check-in on your progress! This can be a friend or a coach - someone you meet with to check on how you are doing! This person can help you keep on track! Sometimes we need that extra push coming from someone else 💕
  5. Journal daily! This will allow you to check-in with YOURSELF! How are you doing? How are you feeling?! For example, if you feel run down, maybe you’re doing too many extras that aren’t focused to your goals. You can reassess and reevaluate. The only way to track this progress is to journal DAILY so you can track a pattern or habit! 📓✨⭐️

Keep accountable ✨

Hit your goals ✨

Be amazing ✨

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