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Make The Days Count

September 12, 2021 2 min read


Hey Babes, 

Don’t count the days … make the days COUNT. We are over halfway into 2021. 🤯

Are you going after your goals? Are you staying committed to yourself? Are you finding joy in your days? 🧐

It’s important to ensure that you are not simply just going through the motions. Each day is truly a gift. We need to be able to make each day MATTER. ☝️☝️☝️

Here are some ideas to help you MAKE THE DAYS COUNT! 👏

  1. Uplevel YOUR MORNING ROUTINE! ☀️Get up early enough so that you have TIME FOR YOU.🕚  Rushing out the door or onto your laptop does not give you the quality time you deserve. Set that alarm a bit earlier and find the time for you each morning. Set one thing you do for yourself each morning. This could be … journaling in your PopJournal, a quick walk outside with your pup, an added step to your skincare routine, crafting the perfect cup of coffee, or a few moments of meditation. The possibilities for your morning routine are ENDLESS … create a morning that you LOVE and look FORWARD to!
  2. Set a daily INTENTION! 📓 that will help you achieve your goals! Each morning, take a moment to set your intention for the day. Maybe your intention is to “be present” so that you are making the most of each day by being aware of each moment - and making each moment count! ☝️
  3. Create a SCHEDULE you actually follow. 📆📝 Map out your days and find out where there is time for YOU. Where is there time for movement? Where is there time for some self-care? Where is there time for something that you LOVE? Don’t just go through the motions … create a day you WANT to live. 💛
  4. REFLECT … each night, think back and reflect on your day. Did you hit all your goals? Did things go well? If they did … why do you think that? If they didn’t … what can you change? 📓💕
  5. Fill your days with things you LOVE! Don’t get too caught up in work-work-work! Life is here for you to enjoy it. Even if it is something little … do something every single day that you truly love and enjoy doing. 🧡🧡🧡

Don’t count the days, babe, make the days COUNT! <3 

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