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The Best Ways to De-Stress This Week

April 04, 2021 1 min read

The Best Ways to De-Stress This Week

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? 
Feeling like everything is all happening at once?! 
Feeling like you have no time for yourself?!
Feeling like you are burning out?!

  1. Spend some time in nature. Go for a walk … even if it’s only for ten minutes. Immerse yourself in some sunshine as you allow yourself some time just for you. Listen to the sounds of nature or pop on your favorite playlist or podcast.
  2. Move your body! Sweat it out, Queen! Release some of that tension and energy by getting your body up and moving! Whether it's a hard lifting session or a calm at-home yoga flow, get your body going!  
  3. Call a friend you haven’t spoken in awhile. Catching up with your bestie will be a great way to get your mind off of things that have been weighing you down. It’ll feel amazing to reconnect and also allow you to have a new perspective on all you are going through. 
  4. Give your body some TLC! Treat yourself, Queen! Do a face mask, hot bath, or make yourself your favorite foods. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Lastly, and our favorite here at Pop . . . take time to journal! Putting your pen to paper will help you sort out your feelings and all you need to do! Use your Pop Journal day and night to establish a self-love routine you’ll thank yourself for. 

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