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The Power of Mini Goals

June 06, 2021 2 min read

The Power of Mini Goals

Do you have a massive to-do list that you never finish?
Do you have REALLY big goals you just never seem to reach?
Do you put off tasks that you need to do because they just seem so long and time consuming?
Do you feel overwhelmed?

If you are nodding your head while reading this, I have some good news for you! 

What if I told you there was a way to plan goals for your day, so that slowly, over time, you can accomplish those BIG long-term goals?

The answer is MINI GOALS, babe

Mini goals could be anything - involving mind, body, business and spirit! 

The goals are whatever YOU want! The goals are whatever YOU need. The goals are what you need to get DONE on that given day! 

CreatingSMALL attainable goals will lead you to feelingvery accomplished at the end of the day, instead of overwhelmed. If you were to achieve 5 little wins everyday, and at the end of 3 months you would have achieved 450 wins. At the end of a year you would have achieved 1825 wins. How amazing is that? These wins that accumulate can translate over to your BIGGER long term goals. 

That massive TO DO LIST filled with goals so big you don’t know where to start is doing you no service. Quit piling it up, and let’s aim for small attainable goals! Being mindful of how you use your time, how youtake advantage of your present, is key. 

Starting small - focusing on the present is so vital to reaching your bigger goals in life. 

Focus on your NOW.

One mini goal at a time, you areon your way to greatness..

Your version of FINISHED to-do lists - YOUR WINS - Your GOALS coming to LIFE. 

Feeling accomplished on a daily basis is FAR better than feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished.Uncomplicate your life. Simplify your goals by developing the mini goals. Learn what it feels like to have little wins. Say YES to what you can do TODAY. 

You can transform your life and create MAJOR changes by utilizing these MINI goals. 

Think BIG - yet also think SMALL. Where can you start? What mini task can you complete NOW to eventually turn your dreams to realities LATER? 

With every added win and added mini goal you are increasing your level of productivity.You are changing your life. 

Consider this affirmation:


“I am present. I take positive and loving action towards my goals every day.” 
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