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The Power of Visualization

February 28, 2021 2 min read


Have you ever felt like you were floating and that you are in an alternate universe where everything goes your way and is perfect? Honey, that’s day dreaming. 

Most people tend to frown upon this as it feels like as if the person daydreaming is spacing out. But guess what? Day dreaming can be good too! All you have to do to make it reasonable is to incorporate your dreams and ideas with actionable steps and you’re surely on the way to live the life of your dreams!

You see, love, there is a difference between merely daydreaming and visualizing the life you deserve. When you daydream, your mind wanders aimlessly to situations you would want to happen. However, when you visualize a life you want to live, you do not just think about it. You actually act on it. This is why it is not only ideal but productive as well!

Here are some ways that can help you visualize the life you want to live:

Vision Board

Vision boards are fun to make! All you have to do is visualize your goals (the more vivid the better) and compile all those visualizations. This would help you find clarity and focus on what really matters. Techy babes tend to create digital ones wherein they find pictures of what they want to achieve using the internet and make beautiful collages. On the other hand, crafty babes would get that old magazine, cut out pictures of their dreams and what they envision to be and actually paste them on their scrapbooks. You do you, love!


Our favorite way to do this is… yoga! Nothing beats the calmness and serenity this exercise brings into our lives. Spending time to pause and keep quiet while focusing on your inner self can put things in better perspective. Clearing the mind means having clearer goals too. Because of this, it is easier to know what we really want in life and visualize it. Go grab that yoga mat, inhale all positivity and exhale all your inhibitions!

Pop Journals

When you write something down, it makes us feel like it’s coming into life. Compared to when it’s just in our heads, it seems to be more achievable once it’s set in paper. Journaling can help you have better visualization of who you want to be. Some may opt to create the traditional checklist of goals and some would even make letters addressed to their future selves! This actually depends on what ignites the spark of your passion in living your dream life. Get your Pop Journal and colored pens and start writing about it!

We’d love to end this blog with a reminder that although visualization is indeed powerful for our mind, it is still in our hands to act on what we envisioned, pictured, and wrote about. The dream life we’ve always wanted is within our reach as long as we believe we can achieve it and actually do something about it. The whole Pop Journals team is cheering for you, Queen!

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