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Time To Slow Down

July 18, 2021 1 min read

Time To Slow Down

Do you ever feel like all you do is GO GO GO ?! 

Are you …

Feeling extra tired? 

Less motivated?

Less interested in what you usually like?

These might be signs you’re burning yourself Queen 🥺

Power babes like us work hard - but we must be mindful not to overwork ourselves! Our energy is sacred. We have to recognize when we might be doing too much - or spending too much energy on things that don’t fuel our fires. 

Here are some tips to help you slow down and gain some energy back 💡💡💡

  1. PRIORITIZE - make a list! We love using our Pop Journal to organize our days. Make time for what you need … and cut out what isn’t completely necessary. ☝️
  2. Schedule time for YOU! Block out time to do something for yourself ☺️ you’ve got to take some time to recharge your batteries. 
  3. Say YES to things that make you feel GOOD!!! Say NO to things that you don’t. In short … stop doing things you do not want to. Life is too short. Some social events are worth missing so you can spend some down time. 
  4. Start READING 💛 when you begin a book, it makes you to take time to sit and slow down, and that’s all you need babe!! 
  5. Do some YOGA or MEDITATION … slow down that beautiful brain of yours 💛 slow, loving movement to your body or quiet mindfulness practice will help you wind down. 

Listen to your body 💕

Notice when it’s time to SLOW DOWN 💕

Get back to YOU 💕

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