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Motivational Affirmation Card Deck for Mental Health & Wellbeing


😊52 DAILY AFFIRMATION CARDS WITH BOX perfect for you or as a gift!

Cards are 3x4 inches box is 1 inch wide

Daily affirmations are a lens through which to focus your mental energy in order to manifest the outcomes you want for your life.

daily affirmations provide directions for our mental energy to navigate us to our healthiest, best life.

These affirmation cards can have a dramatic positive effect on your life, and yet require virtually no time to set aside.

Every morning wake up and pull a PopJournal affirmation card repeat the affirmation to yourself throughout the day! Allow it to guide your energies towards taking action towards your dream life. These cards are designed to help you live a more positive life filled with confidence, motivation, and happiness. This affirmation deck consists of daily affirmations to help you...

👉🏻Release yourself from the shackles of deep subconscious fears, anxiety and inner worries
👉🏻Uninstall negative self talk so you can align with your desires
👉🏻Learn to liberate your true self
👉🏻Reprogram your psychology to anticipate and receive greater abundance in all areas of your life
👉🏻Go from stuck to achieving your goals fast, easier and with excitement while also eliminating stress and doubt
👉🏻ease stress, improve self-esteem, stress relief gifts, improving self-confidence, and to be happier and more productive.